Independent Hardwood Floor


Finish options

Oilbase polyurethane

MasterlineMasterline satin commercial grade oil base poly urethane

Oil base poly turns slightly Amber when dry which warms up a woods color.this finish drys within eight hours so there will be a longer wait time between coats.oil base has a very strong Oder and it will be very important during the application and dry time to have proper ventilation, also recommending to be away from your home.







Water base polyurethane

Bona TrafficBona traffic waterborne commercial satin floor finish

This is a two component waterborne 100% polyurethane finish for the surface treatment of hardwood floors. This finish will appear cloudy but when applied turns an Amber color. Water base is fast drying in approximately 2-3 hours. Lower VOC (Oder) then oil base but still requires ventilation during application.

Bona Traffic is a waterborne, commercial and residential hardwood floor finish. It is the industry's premium finish for durability and beauty.

Designed specifically for the unique demands of heavy-traffic commercial and residential hardwood floors, Bona Traffic's advanced formula provides the ultimate in durability, outperforming any finish in the industry - moisture cure, solvent-based, oil-modified or other waterborne finishes. GREENGUARD certified for indoor air quality.

  • Exceptional build with excellent flow and leveling
  • UL Classified for slip resistance
  • Excellent adhesion, recommended for recoating “prefinished UV” hardwood flooring
  • Two-component, comes with hardener. Available in Commercial Satin, Commercial Semi-Gloss, Commercial Gloss
  • VOC Compliant

During the finishing process we will apply two coats of finish, sometimes customers will request a third coat, not usually recommended, with each coat there will be a wait time depending on the finish chosen.

Stain Options

DuraSealDuraSeal Quick Coat 2-Hour Penetrating Finish

DuraSeal® Quick Coat Penetrating Finish is a semi-transparent stain formulated to seal, color and provide exceptional durability when used on bare wood and masonry surfaces. This rich blend of oil and resin gives hardwood floors a soft, satiny sheen. Its unique formulation provides a surface that can be topcoated in two hours. DuraSeal Quick Coat Penetrating Finish is available in existing DuraSeal colors as well as many Certified Minwax colors. It can be used with or without a finish coat, and is compatible with all DuraSeal water-borne and oil-modified finish systems.






While wood in its natural state can provide breathtaking beauty, it doesn't always match the other colors or wood tones in our home. Adding stain — which contains dyes and pigments blended with either mineral spirits or water — to bare or stripped wood can both change the color and highlight the grain pattern of any interior wood.